In 1971, Billy Dewayne White founded the The BDW Company. Billy, also known as "Bill", "Billy D", "Whitey" and "BD", had been a drilling rig mechanic for Unit Rig Corp. and The Brewster Company for 20 years.

The BDW Company began with just 2 employees and grew to over 230 employees by 1982. BD built his reputation and company with hard work and providing his customers with nothing but the best products possible. This is where his knowledge & experience on working on every brand of Drawworks led him to the design and development of his own Drawworks. BD took what he knew worked the best and was also easily maintained. Through a very complex engineering process the final product was a design that the majority of people believe was the "Cadillac" of the oilfield.

The BDW Equipment Line is proven and reliable and has a quality control system that assures that every shaft assembly made for a Drawworks will fit perfectly in all of the other Drawworks models of the same size. This is because of our perfect alignment system that assures this.

WWL Industries began in 1989 as a drilling equipment repair facility and they took over the “BDW EQUIPMENT LINE”. Still the same ownership and so when you think of BDW & WWL they are both one in the same.